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  • Repair quality

    Each and every repair is carried out to strict Fiat quality standards, and certified by a separate final quality check.

  • Time compliance

    Whenever we make a booking to repair or maintain your vehicle, we do so having made the necessary preparations to respect the quoted delivery deadline.

  • Vehicle inspection

    Your car will be checked in your presence to verify its overall status, and no scheduled repair or additional work will be commenced without prior explanation and consent.

  • Transparency of information

    All work conducted will be fully explained to you to ensure your understanding and satisfaction.

  • Professionalism and expertise

    No one is better equipped to maintain your Fiat. Our technicians are trained and certified, and backed up by the technical knowledge of the whole Fiat organisation.

  • Client service

    Detailed information regarding our products and services, our dealer network and authorised service workshops can be accessed through our dedicated Fiat Customer Call Centre. This can be reached via our 24 hour toll free number or email.

  • Toll Free Number
    1800 209 5556

Service Stations


FIAT service experience

State of the art workshops

Your Fiat deserves exclusive attention. At Fiat we ensure
that skilled technicians will care for your car
at our state-of-the-art workshops.

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Total peace of mind

Each new Fiat is built to the highest possible standards. We put every car through a series of tough tests, checks and inspections before it leaves the factory. Then, from the moment you drive your new car away, your car is protected with a three year warranty* giving you a total peace of mind.

*Conditions apply
For details please refer owner’s manual.

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Customer Care


Customer care

We are here for you 24x7

Whatever you may need, for any questions that you may have, give us a call. Our Fiat customer service is standing by 24x7.

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Road Side Assist

Road side assistance

To avail
road side
assistance call

What is road side assistance?

Road side assistance is a 24x7 roadside emergency service available for Fiat vehicles. It is a service provided in the event of a Fiat vehicle getting immobilized due to breakdown or due to road accident. It offers a 36 month coverage from the date of sale of a new vehicle. It provides on the spot vehicle assistance and towing facility to the nearest Fiat dealer.

Covered events & benefits include:

  • Breakdown/accident - roadside repair or vehicle recovery.

  • tyre related - puncture, bolt/valve related issues.

  • Battery related - dead battery - jump start.

  • Key related - locked Keys, lost keys or broken keys.

  • Fuel related - out of fuel, incorrect fuel.

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Warranty Policy For FIAT® Brand Vehicles

(applicable for vehicles sold from 1st April 2013)

Model Warranty
Period (Years) Mileage (Km)
Linea 3 100000
Punto 3 100000
Linea (commercial) 3 60000
Punto(commercial) 3 60000

Mileage or period whichever is earlier - applicable for all models

Extended Warranty Policy For FIAT® Brand Vehicles

(applicable for vehicles sold from 1st April 2013)

Model Warranty
Add Period (Years) Upto Mileage (Km)
Linea 2 150000
Punto 2 150000

Mileage or period whichever is earlier - applicable for all models

(Days From Date Of Sale)  1 to  31 to 730 days 731 to 910 days   1 to  31 to 731 to 910 days 
30 days 30 days 730 days
ALL FIAT MODELS Vehicle Model Punto Petrol Punto Diesel
(Manufacturer Warranty - 3 years or 100000 KM whichever earlier.  Extended Warranty Additional 2 years/additional 50000 Km (3+2, 100000+50000 KM) whichever earlier. Total 5 years and max 150,000 Kms
Price incl. Service Tax @ 12.36% 6292 7405 7887 6629 7843 8369
Vehicle Model Linea Petrol Linea Diesel
Price incl. Service Tax @ 12.36% 7303 8719 9333 7865 9449 10136

Periodic Replacement Schedule of Lubricants
& Service Parts - Linea & Punto

Service coupons shall be performed every 15,000 kms

Thousands of kilometeres 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180
Change engine oil and replace oil filter
(every 15000 kms or 12 months, whichever is earlier)
Replace air filter catridge Air filter
Replace fuel filter
Change pollen filter (every 15000 kms)
Replace spark plugs (Petrol versions)
Replace toothed Timing drive belt (#) (Petrol versions)
Replace auxillary drive belt/s and accessory drive belt
Replace Timing chain (▲) (Diesel Version Linea 1.3 90 hp)
Change brake/clutch fluid (every 60000 kms or 24 months,
whichever is earlier)
Change of engine coolant (every 60000 kms or 24 months,
whichever is earlier)
Change power steering oil every 24 months
Check and adjust Wheel alignment*
Tires rotation (Pattern : Front to Rear)
  • Air filterRegardless of the km covered, Air filter should be replaced earlier if operating in dusty condition
  • (#)Regardless of the km covered, the timing belt shall be replaced every 4 years for particularly demanding use (cold climates, driving in city, idling for a long time) or in any case every 5 years
  • (▲)Replace timing chain every 60000 kms
  •  (*)Wheel alignment charges extra

  • Detailed information available in owners handbook on checks & inspection to be carried ou t during Scheduled services.
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